Complex logistic solution for food products.

We offer ultimate transport solution based at multitemperatures

Success of Our Client is our main goal, we do all what’s necessary to provide the best possible services

in the most reasonable prices, guarantying highest level of quality and efficiency.

Our main warehouse is close to highway, located 7 km from polish-german border, and just 100 km from Berlin!

Who are our Clients?

LCL Logistic Center Lodimex has around 20 years of experience in comprehensive food distribution!

LCL Ltd. is a Polish company with extensive experience in transport of goods foodstuffs. For over 22 years we operate in the market requiring manual in controlled temperature.

Our goal is to fully satisfy every need of our Clients,

We are the intermediary link between food producers and their customers.

International and polish manufacturers

Our company is the flexible link between manufacturers and their Clients, no matter of it’s the size, we always work with the same big effort.

Importers and exporters

Our codlstore and vehicles are always a great solution for Clients who import or export goods which requires controlled tempreatures.

Retailers and local distributors

For local retailers and smaller specialised distributors we are a kind of support in growing of the business,with professionalism.

About our company                                                                                                                  

International and polish retail chains

We work with retail chains from the very beginning of the existance in Poland providing them with the best services and most accurate solutions


Basic services: